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Sonder Agency can also assist in creating inspiring content and materials for our clients. We have wide experience in end-to-end management of creative projects – from concept development, selecting models, photographers and stylists to post-production in digital and analogue formats.

Our creative friends

We collaborate with carefully selected photographers, film directors, stylists, and makeup artists. If you wish to hear how our creative friends can contribute to your brand, marketing campaigns and communication, please do not hesitate to contact us. And if you are a creative with your own unique style and wish to become part of Sonder’s creative friends, just reach out.

Being in the right place

Having access to the right location is vital for any external shooting. At Sonder we can assist you in finding that special place which will make your visuals stand out from the ordinary.

Other services

Our team consist of skilled professionals with experiences from modelling agencies, graphical design, project- and production management. We are happy to assist you in any task or project where you need external support outside of your own organisation or from your regular vendors.